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One of my favorite activities each week on Thursday mornings is a simple bible study that we do before the Nozomi Project starts.  Six of us or so gather around our dining room table and study a passage of scripture and seek to apply it to our own lives. This month we have been looking at different passages of the Christmas story.  On Thursday, we were reading the story of the angels who came to the shepherds, and through their proclamation the shepherds were among (if not) the first to go and meet the baby Christ child.  One of the many beautiful things about the Christmas story – and most of the stories of the Bible – is that...

imageThis weekend, my daughter Annie and I did a first…. we helped officiate the funeral of a hamster… of our friends!  It was her good friend H.’s hamster.  H.’s mom works with me at the Nozomi Project.  It was a really awesome thing to be invited into this family event.

What made this ritual extra special was...

This morning I prepared to walk over to Nozomi Project with a grumbling heart.  I shared some with my husband, who was gracious and listened.  Finished getting ready, make-up, the ever-essential Nozomi jewelry, picking up some clothes around my bed.  Headed downstairs to be at work by 9:30, when we start the day with a short prayer...

We made it through Review Week!  Woohoo.  We were sitting through one of the reviews in our guest room when I burst out laughing.  Two of our staff had replaced our wedding photo in a silver frame with a magazine photo of a voluptuous woman.  It lightened the mood significantly!

Here is our latest one-minute Nozomi video....

Being Thereby Sue Takamoto

Today, 3/11, we have felt the burden and the privilege of walking with our Ishinomaki friends through the remembrance and the pain of two years ago. We are thankful for so many who have joined across the world to pray with us. We posted messages and photos today up on the wall for everyone to...

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