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"Please don't forget us!"

Our church in Washington DC, Fourth Presbyterian, is using the one-year anniversary of the tsunami to raise prayer awareness for Japan.  They asked us to make a short video from our family that shares about our move up and our hope for Tohoku.  With limited time, this is the four minute video that we made for them to share...

by Sue Takamoto

Eric returns to Sendai

My husband Eric has returned to Sendai, working with Be One/Hope for Tohoku, which is organized by a group of house churches and missionary friends in the Osaka area.  Since the earthquake first occurred, they have worked tirelessly to coordinate relief efforts in our area.  Twice a week, they send up a truck and van load...

A2 Advent Devotional • December 1, 2010

by Eric Takamoto

A crack in the sky appeared. A sliver of neon blue light poured out from it. It happened on the day of the annual sports festival at our son Owen's school, a highly anticipated and highly attended event in our community. The action on the sports field that afternoon was already in full swing. As the colors of the celestial display slowly morphed from bright blue to pink then to orange, more and more eyes turned heavenward until eventually all sports festival related activities had ceased.

My attention was diverted away from the amazing spectacle by the reactions of my fellow bystanders. Though we were all awestruck by the event, the people whose comments I heard fell into two divergent groups. Some were delighted, "How beautiful!," they exclaimed, while others shuddered, "I'm afraid." 

As I stood there lost in my wonderment, I could not keep my self from asking, "Is this it?" Could this really be the day of our Lord's return as described in Matthew 24:30 and elsewhere, with Jesus appearing in the sky coming on the clouds in power and great glory. "Is this it?" Was this really it for the Japanese people? Would this be all the souls we will have to offer our Lord?

Despite the excitement and expectation of the moment I found myself hoping for more time. After ten minutes or so the light began to fade and with it the hope of flying in the air with my Lord that day. But what stuck was this renewed sense of urgency. 

Just as the herald angel proclaimed it on that very first Christmas night, "For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord" (Luke 2:11), so too must we continue to point the way toward our Savior Jesus for those who are still in need of rescue.

In this season of advent, as we look forward with great anticipation to the celebration of Christ's first coming, let it cause us to joyfully long for the imminent day of his return. And let it also serve to remind us of the grave task that remains before us all until then. For on that day there will surely be two very different groups of people: those for whom hope will be finally realized and those for whom all hope will be utterly lost.

At a game with Owen

Eric Takamoto
Church Multiplication Missionary
Sanda, Japan


This is one of 29 devotional entries. If you would like to download a PDF of the entire A2 Advent Devotional to read along with us, click here...

- by Sue Takamoto -

Our family is preparing to come back to Sanda, Japan in a few days with many mixed emotions—how can it be otherwise? Tonight our oldest son Owen was listing all the places we could go upon our return; the friends we will be able to meet again; the Japanese food we can once again enjoy.

But there are always tears, as it means once again parting from loved ones. Those who know me or have read my blog (The Takameter) consistently know that this is the most difficult challenge for me in being a missionary…

We have truly loved the care, hospitality, and encouragement that we have received through our visits with friends and family. And the interest in our ministry in Japan!

Now that we have had a chance to show our 2010 Takamoto DVD to various churches and friends this summer, we wanted to make it available for any of you who would like to watch it. It is just under five minutes, and shares some of the things we are excited about even in returning to Sanda (our city) in a few days. Please pray as we prepare to return—for all six of us as we adjust back and help the older three children, especially, prepare again for Japanese school which will begin shortly.  Thanks.

For sure, for sure, we are confident that the God of Sanda is waiting to continue His wonderful work there. And we are so thankful that he is willing to use us to help accomplish that.

If you cannot see a video player, click here...

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Kansai Team Ministry Report - 05

Here is a fun and encouraging report from the team in the Kansai church planting network near Osaka, Japan made a few years ago.

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