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CGNTV「クリナビ」の取材を受けました。I was interviewed by CGNTV "Kurinavi".

以下放送された番組です。YouTubeからご覧ください。Below is the program that was broadcast. Please watch it on YouTube.

General Incorporated Association Japan CGNTV [Christian Broadcasting Station]


It is said that the proportion of Japanese Christians is less than 1% of the Japanese population, and from a missiological point of view, the Japanese are classified as an ``uninherited tribe.'' It is said that unless it reaches 2% or more, it is impossible to break out of that category. What should we do to overcome that 2% barrier? We asked Pastor Yoshiya Hari of Asian Access Japan, a missionary organization that has been active in Japan for over 50 years.

Yoshiya Hari



Yoshiya HariRev. Yoshiya (Joshua) Hari is the pastor of Saikyo Nozomi Chapel and has been the A2 Japan National Director since 2011. He works with leaders across Japan to grow networks and inspire a church multiplication movement with an eye for those areas without a church. Due to the Great East Japan Disaster, he had a special assignment to serve for one year in relief work through CRASH Japan and maintains close ties to the Tohoku region.


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