• CGNTV「クリナビ」の取材を受けました

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    CGNTV「クリナビ」の取材を受けました。I was interviewed by CGNTV "Kurinavi".

  • Uncharted Obedience

    uncharted obedience adrien tutin x8xJpClTvR0 unsplash 800px

    Moving from Questions to Steps of Faith 

    Will I ever be ready to walk the path that God has prepared for me? Will I ever be so sure that this is the path God laid out for me? Do I keep waiting for that green light to appear vividly out of nowhere?

  • Japan, still shaking

    Sea of Japan earthquake - Wikipedia

    Japan (MNN) — Rescue efforts underway in the wake of strong quake in west central Japan.

  • Day by Day

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    Recently, I sprained my foot, which made walking unbearable. Yet, as the days went by, the pain subsided, and I was able to walk while limping.

  • Twenty years and 14 missionary units

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    by Yoshiya Hari
    Director, Asian Access Japan

    I became a pastor in 2003 and took over a church planted by missionaries. Ever since, I have been blessed to preach the gospel together with missionaries. Since 2011, I have served as the National Director of the mission organization アジアン・アク セス・ジャパン (Asian Access Japan). This has allowed me to collaborate with local churches in various places in Japan by sending missionaries to them.

  • My Encounter with the Land of the Rising Sun

    Tia stands in front of a Japanese shrine

    By Nicole

    Truth be told, Japan was never a country that was on my radar. I had always known that at some point in my life I wanted to explore East Asia, but for me that meant South Korea.

  • Missionaries to Japan choose new name

    A3.Missional Partners

    Japan (MNN) – Global workers in Japan have announced a new name to describe their role and vision.

  • Aging Japanese businesses and churches seek successors

     Header photo by Aditya Rao on Unsplash.

    Japan (MNN) – A declining, aging population in Japan means both businesses and churches need guidance through the transition of leadership.

  • Call to Pray for the Japan Congress on Evangelism

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    Hello Everyone! It's inspiring being here at the Japanese garden at San Diego's Balboa Park.

  • Introducing A3.Missional Partners

    A3.Missional Partners

    Our Missionaries Have a New Name!

    For several years, you’ve become familiar with new ministry streams such as A3.business and Young Professionals. But today, I am excited to announce that our missionaries in Japan have a new descriptive name. We are now calling them “Missional Partners”.

  • Decisions, Decisions

    Linda, Kohei, and kids stand in front of Ippo Ippo group building

    By Linda Koyama

    Which Mission Organization Should I Choose?

    If you’ve considered being in some type of formal ministry abroad, you’ve probably also been on the decision-making trajectory of “which mission organization should I go with?” This was us back in late 2019, early 2020.  

    At the end of my last post, “New, But Not: Our Journey to Japan,” I shared that we returned to the US in June of 2019. We needed time to debrief our five-year stint in Japan—and also to figure out if God was keeping the door open to Japan or closing that chapter for us.

  • New, But Not: Our Journey to Japan

    Linda, Kohei, and kids stand in front of Ippo Ippo group building

    By Linda Koyama

    Hi, I’m Linda. Nice to meet you. I’m currently writing from Yamagata, Japan, where my family is partnering with a local church. You’ve probably never heard of Yamagata. Don’t worry, neither did I until it was presented as one of the potential prefectures we’d be serving in. 

    So where exactly is Yamagata? Think north of Tokyo about 200 miles (300 kilometers), or a 4 1/2 hour drive by car. It’s in the southern part of the Tohoku region, closer to the Japan Sea side (rather than the Pacific Ocean side). It’s definitely not one of Japan’s hot tourist spots, but this region is known for its ski slopes, onsens, and delicious fruits.

  • It's a Different World...

    Tia stands in front of a Japanese shrine

    By Tia Blassingame

    Okay, if you look like me you probably started singing that song title and know exactly where I got it from. Perfect, because it has been playing in my head all week! This is truly a different world. Right now, I am at a homestay with my onēsan (pronounced ohnay-sahn) and her family. That term right there is already different vocabulary for you I’m assuming. Onēsan is “older sister” and a “homestay” is when you stay overnight (or more than one night) with a family. In basic “Tia terms” (that’s me), I’m at a sleepover with my sis and her fam. Let me backtrack a bit...

  • Living a "Relevant Life"

    a cup of coffee and the bible open to psalms

    Rethinking how God's Word is "relevant" to our lives and ministries

    By Kent Muhling

    I sometimes pray Psalm 143:8 at the beginning of my morning devotions. It reads, 

    “Let me hear in the morning of your steadfast love, 
    for in you I trust.
    Make me know the way I should go, 
    for to you I lift up my soul.” 

  • Asian Access takes new name as ministry expands to the Middle East and beyond

    Header photo courtesy of Pixabay.

    International (A3) — Asian Access, known widely as A2, is expanding its ministry into some of the most dangerous and volatile parts of the world.

  • When the Shackle of Fear Crumbles, Part 3

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    Part 3: Until everything is about Jesus 

    In Part 1 of my testimony "What does obedience look like?", I shared about God’s call, my struggle to say yes, and having a glimpse of what obedience looks like. In Part 2 "Holding onto the things I cannot see", I shared about my struggles with the fear of disappointment, what ifs, and learning to let go of the things I see to hold on to the things unseen.

  • When the Shackle of Fear Crumbles, Part 2

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    Part 2: Holding onto the things I cannot see 

    In Part 1 of my testimony "What does obedience look like?", I shared about God’s call, my struggle to say yes, and having a glimpse of what obedience looks like.

    The journey of obedience is still not easy. I was still fearful, and insecure but not as lonely. In 2021, I started meeting people who are walking the same journey as me, and I felt that I found my tribe. I became more involved in mission mobilization and made good friends. Yet, the fear never left, it was hunting me. I was still so scared about the unknown, and another fear appeared, the fear of disappointment.

  • When the Shackle of Fear Crumbles, Part 1

    shackle1 silas baisch ceITO2rlDgc unsplash 800px 

    Part 1: What does obedience look like? 

    "When God calls me, I'll pack up my bags and go."

    This is what I used to believe, and I thought I had the faith to do it.

  • Can we double the Christian population of Japan?

    jpn pastors conf 2022 group

    This was the most encouraging Japan National Pastors’ Conference I remember in my 14 years with Asian Access.

    The theme as set by Pastor Yoshiya Hari, Asian Access/Japan National Director, was “From 2020 to 2030” and Pastor Shinji Takita’s words captured it best:

  • Merry Christmas greetings from Joe and Silk Handley

    joe and silk christmas2022 800px

    Dear Family and Friends,

    Joy to the World… This season is one giving us pause to reflect on the most important gift the world has ever seen: the Lord has come

    Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth… — Psalm 98:4a