• Urbana '22

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    From Urbana to Japan!

    Did you go to Urbana '22? Let's reconnect...

    Urbana is a huge student missions conference sponsored by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship...

  • Missional Partners

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    Long-Term Options (2+ years) 

    What does this assignment in Japan involve?

    Learning a new culture. Teaming with other believers. Worshiping with them. Serving under a Japanese pastor. Making new friends in the community. Sharing Christ with them. Linking them to the church. Using your gifts, abilities and interests. Making disciples. Trusting God to build His church...

    Invest two or more years of your life partnering with a Japanese pastor and congregation!

  • Japan Ministry Opportunities


    Ministry Opportunities to Serve

    Japan: Hungry for Christ's Love

    Japan is an affluent nation where money can't buy peace. Symptoms of this spiritual vacuum are obvious -- social turmoil is in every city, suicide are at all-time highs, scandals are commonplace, traditional religions are on the decline.

    As a result, there's a hunger for Christ's love that you can bring!

    How can you impact this nation with tremendous sociological and spiritual needs? God may use you to help draw this strategic Asian nation to Himself. Are you ready to be used by Him?


    Various Ministry Opportunities


    Short-Term and Long-Term Mission Trips to Japan

    There are four ministry programs, depending on the length you can serve:

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    For more info about any of these service opportunities, keep reading on this site.


    Alumni Speak Out...

    Ken Fong"I’ve not only helped send our people to Japan through A3, but I went with them myself. A3 is doing great things for God across the globe."

    Dr. Ken Uyeda Fong
    Podcaster, Asian America Podcast; Former Senior Pastor, Evergreen Baptist Church of Los Angeles