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Christians unite amid ongoing hardship

20-08-2018 Hits:118 Latest News Mission Network News - avatar Mission Network News

Japan’s deluge continues Japan (MNN) — Yet another severe tropical storm is expected to roll through southern Japan this evening. According to Accuweather.com, the storm is expected to skirt just south of...

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Strawberries, Pomegranates and Convenien…

04-08-2018 Hits:108 From the President Joe Handley - avatar Joe Handley

One of the principles in Asian Access is that healthy churches grow. It’s why we spend so much time investing in key leaders’ personal walk with God and their growth in...

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Aspens, Banyans, and Strawberries?

03-08-2018 Hits:95 From the President Joe Handley - avatar Joe Handley

What a joy it was for me to participate with Bishop Efraim Tendero at the World Evangelical Alliance gathering of Associate Members to brainstorm the future of the movement. I was so...

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