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Reporting on Vision Festa & Upcoming…

20-11-2019 Hits:32 Johnston Journal Jeff Johnston - avatar Jeff Johnston

Yoshiya Hari, A2/Japan national director shares a report on a number of ministry fronts... The Church Multiplication Vision Festa held in Tokyo as well as the Rugby World Cup and...

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An Olympic-Sized Opportunity

12-11-2019 Hits:43 From the President Joe Handley - avatar Joe Handley

Next year an immense opportunity is knocking at our doors and you can play a part in it! Tokyo is hosting the 2020 Olympics and Asian Access in partnership with...

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Japan in recovery from two typhoons in t…

11-11-2019 Hits:36 Latest News Mission Network News - avatar Mission Network News

Japan (MNN) — Just weeks after the super Typhoon Hagibis, another storm raced in over the weekend: Typhoon Bualoi. Robert Adair of Asian Access says the area is still in...

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