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Preparing for a 2020 Summer Team in Japa…

09-01-2020 Hits:87 Staff Emi Miller - avatar Emi Miller

Japan 2020 | Preparing for this Opportunity from SIM USA on Vimeo. Watch this short video to see how you can begin preparing. WILL YOU JOIN US? Are you passionate about partnering...

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Who is a Good Fit for this Opportunity?

09-01-2020 Hits:166 Staff Mary Jo Wilson - avatar Mary Jo Wilson

Japan 2020 | Who is a Good Fit for this Opportunity from SIM USA on Vimeo. Do you have a heart for those who don’t know Jesus? Do you have a...

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An Invitation: Summer 2020 in Japan!

09-01-2020 Hits:101 Johnston Journal Jeff Johnston - avatar Jeff Johnston

Japan 2020 | Invitation from SIM USA on Vimeo. SHORT-TERM OPPORTUNITY | SUMMER 2020 Japan is home to nearly 127 million people. Less than 1% of them are Christian. Through SIM’s partnership with Asian...

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