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real stories from A2/SIM missionaries serving in japan

japanstories 240[Podcast] Nathaniel tells about how the Lord led him to serve with Asian Access and partner with a Japanese church for a three-month term. Now it's your turn!

Learn-From-a-Short-Termer.m4a [7:00]

js podcast bam[Podcast] Utilizing for-profit companies based on Biblical principles to do community development and seek transformation of lives and societies.

A sense of mission can come in all shapes and sizes.

business-as-mission.mp3 [4:57]

js podcast harvest visionListen to this pastor from south Osaka share about her church’s vision to love their community. 

Be encouraged and continue to pray that more churches would grow in their harvest vision.

harvest-vision.mp3 [4:26]

japanstories 240After a major shake-up in the Japanese political realm, Peter shares a prayer request for open hearts to respond to the love of Christ.

 japan_election-2009-10-26.mp3 [4:11]

japanstories 240Pastor Keishi Fujii asks for prayers for the problem of suicide in Japan.

Suicide.m4a [6:01]

js podcast manga messiahHear how we are helping Japanese church planters in Okinawa to come together and encourage one another.

Manga-Messiah.m4a [4:22]

japanstories 240Hear how we are helping Japanese church planters in Okinawa to come together and encourage one another.

Equipping-the-Church.m4a [3:16]

japanstories 240Peter shares how God is working in the life of a pastor in Kyushu to take his passion for art and use it to share Christ. What's your passion? Come and use it in Japan!

Passion-Evangelism.m4a [5:25]

js podcast heartlevel teamworkErik shares how he and church members are working in tandem to bring the good news of Jesus to his local community.

Heart-Level-Teamwork.m4a [3:04]

japanstories 240Takeshi Takazawa shares insights into the working relationship with Japanese pastors. It's all about walking together!

Journey-Together.m4a [4:40]

js podcast power spot evangelismStory teller Kent shares about how God used his home and family to powerfully impact Japanese people. Everyday life lived incarnationally changes lives.

Fabric-of-Friendships.m4a [4:47]

js podcast fabric of friendshipsBobby shares about the gospel becoming the fabric of friendships and the transformation it brings.

Fabric-of-Friendships.m4a [5:36]


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