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real stories from A2/SIM missionaries serving in japan

japanstories 240Nozomi in Okinawa shares about life-on-life ministry. Find our what happens when real people live out real life before the Japanese people.

No-Superstars-Needed.m4a [4:30]

japanstories 240Takeshi shares about what happens when we live 24/7 for Jesus. God does the miraculous! And blesses us with hot springs (onsen) on top of it all. Check out this great story of how God shows up when we invite him.

Onsen-Evangelism.m4a [5:07]

japanstories 240Rhonda in Kyushu shares how a Japanese church is impacting families to discover the joy of parenting. Get the materials discussed in this podcast on the web at http://www.jmtb.com.

A-Tap-on-my-Window.m4a [4:51]

japanstories 240Well, it may not have been a Saturday, but check out this story from Mike in Okinawa about how congregations are starting "Park Churches" and "Marketplace Churches" to share the love of Christ. Not just a form evangelism, this is taking the church to the people.

Saturday-in-the-Park.m4a [4:51]

japanstories 240Tim shares how a Japanese church and a team of North Americans partnered together to impact a community with the love of Christ.

Team-Impact.m4a [4:54]

japanstories 240Grab a cool glass of mugicha (barley tea), lay back and close your eyes, and listen to the symphony of cicadas. Complete with the sound of the Kuroneko Takyubin truck. We love Japan in the summer!

Sounds-of-Summer.m4a [5:25]

japanstories 240A young man went on a random stabbing spree in Akihabara, Tokyo, killing seven and injuring twelve. Asian Access' Takeshi Takazawa gives insight into the reasons behind this tragedy and how the church can respond.

Desperate-for-Community.m4a [6:54]

japanstories 240Asian Access missionary Mike shares stories of how God is at work on the island of Okinawa as a church reaches out to local shaman.

Shaman-in-Okinawa.m4a [6:34]

japanstories 240Asian Access missionary Mike shares stories of how God is at work on the island of Okinawa.

Whats-New-in-Okinawa.m4a [5:59]

japanstories 240Asian Access missionary Robert shares stories of how God is at work in the countryside on the southern island of Kyushu, Japan.

A-Texas-Boy-and-Rice-Farmers.m4a [5:13]

japanstories 240Asian Access missionary Eric shares stories of how ministering to children opens doors to the hearts of everyone. And to all the big kids out there listening, invites you to come and work with us.

Kids-Are-A-Key.m4a [7:01]

japanstories 240Asian Access missionary Sue shares how her partnership with Japanese churches results in ministry reproducibility in the lives of Japanese believers. Learn from her great examples!

Reproducibility-and-Crock-Potting.m4a [6:45]


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