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japanstories 240Asian Access missionary Eric shares stories of how ministering to children opens doors to the hearts of everyone. And to all the big kids out there listening, invites you to come and work with us.

Kids-Are-A-Key.m4a [7:01]

japanstories 240Asian Access missionary Sue shares how her partnership with Japanese churches results in ministry reproducibility in the lives of Japanese believers. Learn from her great examples!

Reproducibility-and-Crock-Potting.m4a [6:45]

japanstories 240Claire shares how her ministry of teaching English has helped a church member be able to start a new outreach based on her passion for cooking.

Use-Your-Passion.m4a [7:04]

js podcast heart to listen[Podcast] Asian Access missionary Claire shares how the art of listening has a powerful impact in the lives of her Japanese friends.

A-Heart-to-Listen.m4a [6:40]

japanstories 240[Podcast] Listen to Peter interview his son about ministering together as a family in Japan.

Father-and-Son-Team.m4a [5:19]

japanstories 240[Podcast] God is at work in amazing ways. That love for anime you may have may be more than just a funky craze. God may be planting the seeds to have you join his wonderful work in Japan. Check out God's will for your life.

Anime-is-God's-Will.m4a [5:58]

japanstories 240[Podcast] Want to know what's on the cutting edge of evangelism in Japan? Check out this report from Takeshi Takazawa, who has served with Asian Access since 1988.

Listening-Shops.m4a [6:56]

japanstories 240[Podcast] Takeshi Takazawa says, "Relationship. Relationship. Relationship." Start here, end here, and make sure it's in the middle. Ain't no better way we know to share the love of Christ with friends.

The-3-R's-of-Sharing-Christ.m4a [7:04]

japanstories 240[Podcast] Join us as we explore what's up with people in Japan.

Beyond-Kanji-Sushi-and-Anime.m4a [6:22]

japanstories 240[Podcast] In Part 3, Kari and Peter continue sharing more of their favorite ministry resources for those considering coming to Japan (or anywhere in the world).

Favorite-Things-Part-Three.m4a [6:51]

japanstories 240[Podcast] Join Kari and Peter as they share more of their favorite ministry resources for those considering coming to Japan (or anywhere in the world)..

Favorite-Things-Part-Two.m4a [6:51]

japanstories 240[Podcast] Allow us to share some of our favorite ministry resources with those considering coming to Japan.

Favorite-Things-Part-One.m4a [8:06]


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