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japanstories 240[Podcast] Join Kari and Peter as they share more of their favorite ministry resources for those considering coming to Japan (or anywhere in the world)..

Favorite-Things-Part-Two.m4a [6:51]

japanstories 240[Podcast] Allow us to share some of our favorite ministry resources with those considering coming to Japan.

Favorite-Things-Part-One.m4a [8:06]

japanstories 240[Podcast] Check in with the team as they spend their last night in Japan. Hear how God has worked in and through them during their two weeks in japan.

Leaving-on-a-Jet-Plane.m4a [7:45]

japanstories 240[Podcast] The two-week team shifts into high gear as they finish up their time of serving three Japanese churches in the Osaka area. Listen to the latest events and how God has been at work.


japanstories 240[Podcast] Our two-week trek with a J-Team continues with ministry updates, prayer requests and comments from a Japanese pastor.

Restaurant-Roundtable.m4a [6:10]

japanstories 240[Podcast] Listen to one team member TJ as he gives an update on the team's work serving in a Japanese church.

I'm-Never-Leaving!.m4a [4:46]

japanstories 240[Podcast] Listen in to missionaries explain why they are in Japan and what they hope to see God do in them this summer.

why-i-am-here.m4a [5:56]

japanstories 240[Podcast] Follow the lives of five missionaries explain why they are in Japan and what they hope to see God do in them this summer.

Arrival.m4a [5:11]

japanstories 240How does Asian Access work with Japanese congregations to take the love of Christ to Japan? Listen to Jeffery explain about the dynamic partnerships and "missionary catalysts". Oh, and check out the beach parties and BBQs, too!

True-Partnership.mp3 [5:44]


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