go2japan.org - Video Gallery https://go2japan.org Thu, 18 Jul 2024 23:23:51 -0700 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb atong@atlassoftwaregroup.com (info@go2japan.org) Profile: Sterling & Emi Miller https://go2japan.org/a2/go2-media/video-gallery/video/24-sterling-and-emi-miller https://go2japan.org/a2/go2-media/video-gallery/video/24-sterling-and-emi-miller Sterling and Emi Miller, serving as A2/SIM missionaries in Tokyo, share about their work as a family in Japan. They also discuss the spiritual needs of the Japanese and offer advice on those going on short-term mission trips. This video has been reposted courtesy of Jonathan Wu, as well as Sterling & Emi Miller.



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Asian Access - Japan Disaster Relief Project Report - 2 years later https://go2japan.org/a2/go2-media/video-gallery/video/14-asian-access-japan-disaster-relief-project-report-2-years-later https://go2japan.org/a2/go2-media/video-gallery/video/14-asian-access-japan-disaster-relief-project-report-2-years-later Asian Access reports to donors on some key Japan disaster relief projects it has supported over the last two years. Discover our grid for deciding on projects. Learn what has been happening. Hear from people and churches involved in these projects in all three hard-hit prefectures (Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima). Be encouraged. Above all, keep praying; the story is not over.


Photo Credits: Joshua Clayton, Makito Matsuda, Jeff Johnston, and Churches Helping Churches

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Lessons from the Mission Field | Dan Brown: Learning about Strength https://go2japan.org/a2/go2-media/video-gallery/video/10-lessons-from-the-mission-field-dan-brown-learning-about-strength https://go2japan.org/a2/go2-media/video-gallery/video/10-lessons-from-the-mission-field-dan-brown-learning-about-strength Does God teach missionaries? Definitely. Well, let's just say that the good ones come equipped with a humble learning posture. Take Dan Brown, for example.

In this clip, Asian Access/SIM missionary Dan Brown shares about what he is learning about doing ministry in his own strength versus doing it through God's strength. Serving with Asian Access as a Missional Partner with Oasis Life Chapel in Rifu, Japan, Dan talks openly about his weakness and struggles in ministry.

Dan and his wife Casi arrived in Japan in the Fall of 2012 and are currently trying to learn Japanese and doing whatever they can to serve their local Japanese church and pastor. They are teaching English, helping with youth and children's ministry, serving on the prayer team, attending worship services, and simply being a part of the church community.

The Browns have two young (and very blond) daughters, who aid their ministry by breaking the ice with people who meet them. They are a family who loves God and is showing Christ's love to the Japanese.

More Information:


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Pastor Fukuda reports on Japan's "Vision Festa" https://go2japan.org/a2/go2-media/video-gallery/video/20-pastor-fukuda-reports-on-japan-s-quot-vision-festa-quot https://go2japan.org/a2/go2-media/video-gallery/video/20-pastor-fukuda-reports-on-japan-s-quot-vision-festa-quot Rev. Makoto Fukuda, pastor of Grace City Church, Tokyo shares how this year’s Church Muplication Vision Festa had a wider reach and increased interest than ever as the message of church multiplication has spread, deepened and strengthened.


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Journeying with the Japanese https://go2japan.org/a2/go2-media/video-gallery/video/3-journeying-with-the-japanese https://go2japan.org/a2/go2-media/video-gallery/video/3-journeying-with-the-japanese Asian Access missionaries recount the early days following the Great Japan Disaster and share how it's been an amazing privilege to journey with the Japanese as they rebuild their lives over the past five years.

Sue Takamoto said, "Our joy, if that's the right word, is just to be here through people's sadness, through their remembering, through their fear of what might happen, through the aftershocks, and to just walk with the people in this community. And it's an amazing privilege to be able to do that."

More: http://www.asianaccess.org/japan-disa...


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Takeshi Takazawa appreciates your interest in Asia https://go2japan.org/a2/go2-media/video-gallery/video/8-takeshi-appreciates-your-interest-in-asia https://go2japan.org/a2/go2-media/video-gallery/video/8-takeshi-appreciates-your-interest-in-asia Hi I'm Takeshi Takazawa from Tokyo, Japan.

I would like to say a big thank you for you—each of you—who have a heart for Asia, praying for Asia, giving financially to Asia, and going to Asia. Thank you so much for getting involved in the ministry that God is doing right now in many countries of Asia. God is answering your prayer. God is working in and through you in Asia and this [video clip] is too short—I wish I could just come to you and say face-to-face, "Thank you!" ...but I can't go to you. So please allow me to say this through the screen: "Thank you so much. Your ministry and your prayer are happening. God has been answering your prayers in Asia and God is doing amazing work in Asia. Thank you so much!"


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33 house chapels started by Pastor Kishinami in Japan's tsunami zone https://go2japan.org/a2/go2-media/video-gallery/video/7-33-house-chapels-started-by-pastor-kishinami-in-japan-s-tsunami-zone https://go2japan.org/a2/go2-media/video-gallery/video/7-33-house-chapels-started-by-pastor-kishinami-in-japan-s-tsunami-zone Rev. Hiroshi Kawasaki shares a story of a friend, Pastor Ichio Kishinami, who is an alumnus of A2 Leader Development and now serves with Miyagi Mission Network among tsunami victims. He listens to victim's stories, gathers them together and teaches them how to pray to Jesus. The seeds for church planting are phenomenal. Pastor Kishinami has now established 33+ Christ-following groups—some are already full house chapels. Most all of these groups are made up of people who have no Christian background. And so people are coming to Christ in unprecedented numbers for Japan.

Asian Access is partnering with Miyagi Mission Network which has a vision to launch new churches in the disaster zone. We are greatly encouraged by these visionary pastors like Rev. Kishinami.

Stay tuned for more updates from Asian Access on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/AsianAccess

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Pastor Ota on Vision Festa 2019 https://go2japan.org/a2/go2-media/video-gallery/video/23-pastor-ota-on-vision-festa-2019 https://go2japan.org/a2/go2-media/video-gallery/video/23-pastor-ota-on-vision-festa-2019 Ota Sensei gives his perspective from the Vision Festa 2019 conference.


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Vision to plant churches in each of the 86 communities washed away by the tsunami https://go2japan.org/a2/go2-media/video-gallery/video/12-vision-to-plant-churches-in-each-of-the-86-communities-washed-away-by-the-tsunami https://go2japan.org/a2/go2-media/video-gallery/video/12-vision-to-plant-churches-in-each-of-the-86-communities-washed-away-by-the-tsunami Pastor Masamoto Higa of International Family Church (Takasaki, Japan) shares his burning vision to have Japanese churches planted in each of the 86 communities washed away by the tsunami. [Japanese and English; translated by Takeshi Takazawa]SHOW LESS

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Ministry Opportunities in Japan https://go2japan.org/a2/go2-media/video-gallery/video/18-ministry-opportunities-in-japan https://go2japan.org/a2/go2-media/video-gallery/video/18-ministry-opportunities-in-japan Our Asian Access/SIM partnership unique ministry options for serving as a missionary in Japan, with terms ranging in length from 1-week to three years.

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