Internships (up to 3 months)

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Looking for a hands-on opportunity toward a college internship requirement with a cross-cultural program overseas? Embark can fulfill many internship course requirements while providing valuable international ministry experience. Experience what it's really like to serve alongside ministry leaders in Japan...

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Program Details

Through an SIM Embark Internship and partnered with Asian Access, you are provided with:

  • A coordinator dedicated to helping you find the opportunity that best suits you.
  • U.S.-based orientation and book study.
  • Cross-cultural ministry experience.
  • Mentorship by experienced cross-cultural workers in your country of service.
  • Language learning.
  • U.S.-based debrief and follow up.

In partnership with a local Japanese church, this is an intensive internship experience for those considering long-term cross-cultural ministry.


Internship Qualifications

  1. Love Jesus Christ & have been a Christian for at least 1 year by time of application.
  2. Native or fluent English speaker.
  3. At least 19 years old or completed 1 year of college.
  4. Active member of a local church.
  5. Your school/organization must endorse your participation and agree with our statement of faith.
  6. Commits to complete all training materials.
  7. Commits to raise funds for trip.
  8. Baptized before departure to Japan.


When will the Embark Internship take place?

Specifically for the Japan internship, the program typically takes place during the summer. Other timelines can potentially be worked with on an individual basis. Please reach out to us about internship opportunities in Japan!


How much will my internship cost?

Costs will vary, depending on length and location. For example, the support costs for a previous 8 week internship was $3265 plus international travel.