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The objective of the Great Commission is to share the life of Christ. But in Japan, 99% of the population is unreached by the Life of Jesus Christ. The best way to do this is by multiplying churches, which can reach more Japanese.


More Churches

So how do you begin to bring new churches into being?...

You begin with the churches that already exist. Small and few as they are, these churches have the will, the faith and the determination to reach their own people with the living message of Jesus Christ.

Asian Access' Church Multiplication strategy is built on over 35 years of relational evangelism and leadership training in partnership with Japanese Churches and the leaders who are making them strong.


Partnership That Works


Asian Access has established a strategic network of Japanese churches that are prepared to grow and multiply. Right now these churches and their leaders are teaming with Asian Access and with North American co-workers like you to get the job done.

Instead of starting churches from scratch, Asian Access believes God has given existing Japanese churches the means to multiply. Asian Access is partnering with these churches to develop in these strategic areas. The result: the Japanese church is ready to grow in new explosive ways.


Multiply Together

As a member of one of Asian Access' Church Multiplication Teams, you become part of a Japanese church. You live among the Japanese. You learn to speak Japanese. You embrace the church and the Japanese culture. Out of this unity your mission begins.

You — along with your Japanese teammates — begin to intentionally multiply opportunities for sharing the gospel by developing relationships with unbelievers. You make and cultivate friends in every aspect of your daily life. What could be more natural?

90% of Japanese who become Christians do so because they heard the Gospel through a trusted friend or relative. Everything in the process of multiplying churches begins and ends with relationships that show forth the love and truth of Jesus Christ.

When churches multiply, the Gospel will penetrate the Japanese culture with multiplied power in countless lives.


Gather Together

Your friendships will mature and grow. You'll have the chance to work through tough questions about God and morality, life and death. In time, many of your new friends will become believers. Wherever the Gospel is proclaimed it will bear fruit. The Word of God never returns void. It always accomplishes its purpose.

Together with your Japanese teammates, you help gather new friends into small groups. In small groups the ministry of God's Word, prayer and spiritual training is multiplied. In your small group the message of Jesus Christ is freely shared. Unbelievers see and hear the Gospel lived out. New believers are taught in God's word, nurtured in their faith and built up into the stature of Christ.


Build Together

A church begins to multiply when new Christians within the church are raised up to become leaders through strong Biblical instruction and encouragement provided in small groups. You will guide each member of your group to grow in their spiritual life as you develop many long-term discipling relationships.

Your challenge is to build new believers into students of God's word; they in turn grow into leaders capable of teaming with you in the broader vision of the church. With new leaders stepping forward, the strength and ability of the Church to reproduce itself multiplies.


Send Together

At last, the leaders you helped equip are sent out to join in the work — ready and capable of carrying out the challenge of church multiplication. They become a new generation of messengers who will go on to multiply opportunities for the gospel by developing relationships with unbelievers. They will gather their harvest into small groups, and then build new believers into new leaders.

A harvest of believers leads to
a harvest of leaders which leads to
a harvest of new churches.

The mission of the church is multiplied again and again as the Life-giving cycle repeats through the power of the Holy Spirit.


The Church Multiplies

As new believers become new leaders actively sharing the message and gathering their harvest, the number of small groups will multiply to become a new church teeming with Life.

Because one church had the courage to multiply, a new church is started, rooted in the multiplication of trained leaders. This new church will one day multiply in the same way.

God willing, one hundred Church Multiplication Teams during the next twenty years will bring into existence one thousand new Japanese churches which will reach one million Japanese for Christ. The Japanese church, empowered by the Spirit of God, in partnership with Asian Access and teaming with you, will start to see its nation reached for Jesus Christ.


Missional Partners: Program Details

Long-Term Missional Partner Qualifications

  1. Christian for at least two years
  2. U.S. or Canadian citizen
  3. Native or fluent English speaker
  4. B.A./B.S. degree & Bible certificate (30+ hrs. of Bible classes)
  5. Gifted in evangelism and/or discipleship
  6. Previous cross-cultural experience
  7. Relational ministry style; small group experience
  8. Subscribe to our community statement of faith
  9. Your church must endorse your call.


Before moving ahead...

Please take time to read through all the information we've provided online (below). Then pray for God to direct you...


More Information...


Understanding the context of this church planting ministry


Missional Partner Associates work within our overall ministry of Missional Partners, which include short-termers and long-term missionaries. To better understand our church planting methodology, be sure to read additional information about CM Teams:


After reading all of this information, are you ready to proceed?

If so, your next steps would be to first register for an account on this website and then secondly make a post on our forum.


Other opportunities to serve:

  • Our missionary programs to Japan:
    • Vision Trip - EnVision (10-12 days)
    • Teams - J-Teams (4 or 6 weeks)
    • Short-Term - Church Planting Associates (1-3 years)
    • Longer-Term - Church Multiplication Teams (4+ years)
    • Specialized Team - lots of varieties (usually 7-10 days)
  • Volunteering in Southern California office
  • Faculty Member (1 teaching trip to Asia every 2 years)


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J-Scape DVDJ-Scape: Missionary Life in Japan

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Below is a map of some of the church planting networks in Japan...

You start here...

  • Get to know Asian Access.
  • Get to know Japan.
  • Learn a little Japanese.
  • Raise support.
  • Enlist prayer partners.
  • Get your passport.
  • Pack your bags.


12 Months...

Long-Term Church Planting Missionaries

As Missional Partners (both spouses), you will be living and ministering in a Japanese language-based environment. Your "ministry team" will consist of a Japanese-speaking pastor and church members. Other missionaries will likely be in the same region, but not be in your immediate area. There will be three or four meetings (small group, ministry meetings) that will gather the missionaries together each month. English education for your children will be limited and may involve some sort of collective homeschooling.

You will be encouraged to learn a beginning level Japanese before arriving in Japan. After arriving, you will minister for a year or so in a Japanese church while intensively studying Japanese. Then, you will partner with an existing Japanese church by joining a Japanese team to start a new church. The church-planting process to make the church firmly established should take 3-5 years, at which time you would be assigned to another church project. You will take a 3-5 month home assignment every 2-1/2 to 3 years.




Short-Term Church Planting Missionaries (Missional Partner Associates)

Missional Partner Associates will have a similar ministry setting as their long-term colleagues outlined above. Expectations for Japanese ability may not be as high. At the end of your term, you would not have a home assignment unless you decided to extend for another term or another church project.

First Year or so:

To make and build evangelistic relationships, linking church members with these friends, while at the same time participating as a small group member and growing in language and understanding of the church and this ministry.


Second/Third Years: