Missional Partners: More Info

The Characteristics of Missional Partners Ministry Length

Long-termers (3-5 yrs. in one location) and Short-termers (1-3 years); you will be in the same church for up to three years. There will be a new church assignment with each term, which may or may not necessitate a move. Some missionaries will work with the same mother church to plant a second daughter church. Others may work with the new daughter church to plant another church from the new church. Still others may move to a completely different church for the next term.



Japanese based ministry (80%+ of the time); living as one of the Japanese Christians.



Function just like a Japanese leader in the church. Pastor sees you as fellow minister(s), with high expectations upon you. Broadly defined (i.e., evangelize, disciple, multiply); expected to evangelize and disciple directly; building evangelistic relationships is main priority. As an evangelist & discipler, raise up leaders from non-Christians, and build strong working relationships with the Japanese pastor and church members.



Create your own schedule under little ministry structure. Requires a lot of personal drive, initiative. Clear goals with flexible methods.



Serving in new ways. Workers serve in a pioneering ministry; not an existing job or role. Job is very personalized; you make your own job.