Long Term (2+ years)

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What does this assignment involve? Learning a new culture. Teaming with other believers. Worshiping with them. Serving under a Japanese pastor. Making new friends in the community. Sharing Christ with them. Linking them to the church. Using your gifts, abilities and interests. Making disciples. Trusting God to build His church...

Ministry Term Length

Long-termers (3-5 yrs. in one location) and First-termers (1-3 years); you will be in the same church for up to three years. There will be a new church assignment with each term, which may or may not necessitate a move. Some missionaries will work with the same mother church to plant a second daughter church. Others may work with the new daughter church to plant another church from the new church.

Still others may move to a completely different church for the next term...



Japanese based ministry (80%+ of the time); living as one of the Japanese Christians.



Function just like a Japanese leader in the church. Pastor sees you as fellow minister(s), with high expectations upon you. Broadly defined (i.e., evangelize, disciple, multiply); expected to evangelize and disciple directly; building evangelistic relationships is main priority. As an evangelist & discipler, raise up leaders from non-Christians, and build strong working relationships with the Japanese pastor and church members.



Create your own schedule under little ministry structure. Requires a lot of personal drive, initiative. Clear goals with flexible methods.



Serving in new ways. Workers serve in a pioneering ministry; not an existing job or role. Job is very personalized; you make your own job.

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