Mid Term Options (2-3 yrs.)


What does this assignment involve? Learning a new culture. Teaming with other believers. Worshiping with them. Serving under a Japanese pastor. Making new friends in the community. Sharing Christ with them. Linking them to the church. Using your gifts, abilities and interests. Making disciples. Trusting God to build His church...


Ministry opportunities for 1-3 years...

For over 50 years, Asian Access has specialized in sending missionaries to Japan to partner with visionary pastors and congregations to help start and strengthen Japanese churches.

Japan is wide open for your gifts. If you want to serve God as a cross-cultural missionary, beware—begin clicking at your own risk.

We define mid-term as anywhere from two to three years; short-term is 1 week to 1 year and long-term is 4+ years.

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Program: Japan is Missional Partner Associates . . .

CPAMissional Partner Associates invest 2-3 years to come alongside a visionary Japanese pastor and congregation to help it extend the kingdom.



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