Vision Trips (up to 1 month)

envision light 500x500ENVISION

is a highly customized vision trip into Japan where you can meet Asian Access missionaries and Japanese pastors, be involved in some ministry activities, see Japan and explore your options as a possible missional partner missionary in Japan.

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Vision Trips to Japan (up to 1 month)

>> Expand your horizons.
      >> Explore a world outside your own.
           >> Engage your heart among millions wanting hope.
                >> Experience Japan's pop culture.
                     >> Encounter real live missionaries.
                          >> Examine the possibilities.
                               >> EnVision your future. 


Called to Cross-Cultural Ministry? This is your next step!

Are you exploring what God has for you "out there" as a cross-cultural missionary? Do you feel like God may be calling you long-term to Japan or as a church planter? Then this is the trip for you.


What It's All About

Envision your future as a church planting missionary in Japan by encountering missionaries and Japanese church staff/members, experiencing church plants, and exploring Japan and its spiritual needs. You'll also receive some excellent training on Japan, church planting and discerning God's call on your life.  This can happen even in about 10-14 days!

You'll come back encouraged, impassioned, and more aware of where God's calling you next. This is a short-term experience that could change the course of your life.

And if your vision is a little more crystalized and your future involves church planting, you can even turn your EnVision experience into longer, more in-depth service!


Here's what a few past participants have said:

God used EnVision to give me a glimpse of His heart for Japan. Through all my encounters with Japanese pastors and missionaries He brought life and vision to my understanding of the Japanese church and the work that needs to be done there. Coming to Japan through EnVision has definitely given me clearer direction and perspective with reference to this nation which I love."

-Sachi C.
New York

"EnVision provides a rare and valuable overview of the slow and steady budding of the works of the Lord throughout the land. It gives the sense that spring is truly here in the Land of the Rising Sun-and the harvest is sure to come. Pray that the Lord would send His workers to the harvest field. Pray that He might send YOU."

- Stephanie M.


"Someone can only know what is truly going on in Japan if they see it for themselves. Books can be read, conversations can be had, but until one looks and sees the harvest for themselves, they will have no clue of the true bondage that the Japanese are in. EnVision is a great tool that God can use to mobilize His forces of prayer and ministry to the Japanese. He used EnVision to open my eyes to the reality of the need in Japan."

- Kenton B.

"EnVision is an excellent way to see and hear firsthand how God is moving through pastors, missionaries, and churches in Japan. You also get a healthy dose of the culture in Japan, which is important to be aware of when considering a missions field."

- Elizabeth C.,
Washington State