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  1. Transform the concept that “church planting is impossible” to “it is possible”. Networks help churches overcome negative feelings towards church planting.
  2. Networks remove the barrier of loneliness in the church planting process. Because it takes time, many churches will give up before planting a church, but networks help them to hang in there through equipping and mutual encouragement.
  3. By focusing on the Biblical principles of the New Testament church, networks transform concepts  of ‘church.’
  4. Networks encourage the use of all believers (lay leaders), not just professional clergy.

It is awesome to see God at work! Yet, we don’t measure the “success” of a network based on having held one. We look for fruit on multiple levels. For example, with each participating church, we seek for them to be equipped and released to plant more churches on their own. Since we work with all kinds of congregations in Japan, and all have their own unique views as to what makes a church, more than the “form” of church, we focus on the “principles of living as disciples of Jesus.” So while one church may be planting a cell church or a house church, another may be planting using a traditional model. What matters is that our love for Christ grows, and that we make his love known to others.

It is a joy to work with so many
 visionary pastors and congregations across Japan. Everyday we know
that we are blessed to be here.

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