Asian Access equips believers to respond in Christ’s name during a flood crisis

Japan (MNN) — Large sections of Japan are underwater following a typhoon and record rainfall over the weekend. The storm has claimed at least 100 lives and dozens are still missing. Two million people are under evacuation orders.

Asian Access is equipping Japanese Christians to respond.

“It’s getting difficult to find out all the information, but each time we have a disaster, [the] Japanese Church is getting more equipped, more prepared,” says Takeshi Takazawa, VP for Strategic Engagement and former National Director for Asian Access/Japan.

Since Thursday, parts of southwest Japan have gotten three times the amount of rain they normally receive in July. Over the weekend, the record-breaking rainfall triggered massive flooding and landslides that engulfed entire towns.

Today, “we are still getting more numbers on people who lost their lives because of mudslides or the flooding,” comments Takazawa.

“It is sad and it is [a] crisis, but this crisis is almost like a call to respond in a tangible way to show Christ’s love to the victims.”

Please pray for flood survivors as they reconnect with loved ones and seek temporary shelter. Pray for Asian Access and local believers as they share the Gospel in word and deed.

“This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon,” Takazawa says. “After [the] water goes down…it will take a long time to recover.”

Visit Asian Access’ website for the latest details about their response. Along with prayer, consider giving and going as the Spirit leads.

“[When the time comes] we will come alongside of victims’ homes and…help them to rebuild the community. So, if you can come, please come.”

Listen to the broadcast: (story starts at 1:34)

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