The map shows areas affected by Wednesday’s earthquake.

Japan (MNN) — Authorities warn residents of northeast Japan to prepare for potentially strong aftershocks in the days to come. A 7.4-magnitude earthquake rocked the region on Wednesday night, killing a handful of people and wounding hundreds.

"Eric and I were in bed; two of our teenage kids were still awake. First, there was one earthquake, [and] we realized, ‘Oh, this is not good’ and 30 seconds later, the whole house started shaking,” Sue Takamoto of Asian Access says.

“It was probably the worst earthquake I’ve ever experienced since we’ve lived here in Ishinomaki.”

The midweek earthquake emptied bookcases and rearranged displays in Sue and Eric Takamoto’s home. (Photo courtesy of Sue and Eric Takamoto)The most powerful earthquake in Japan’s history struck the same area in 2011, followed by a tsunami and nuclear meltdown.

This week’s earthquake “brings back all the tragedies they faced 11 years ago. We just came off the anniversary of the [2011 disaster] on March 11,” Eric Takamoto says.

“You see a lot of trauma coming back; many people are in a state of panic.”

Through Nozomi Project, a faith-based social enterprise, Sue teaches Japanese women how to make jewelry from broken pottery. The process carries powerful lessons about hope and redemption through Christ.

“We want to walk with the people in this community, whatever comes. We carry with us the presence of Jesus, [and] that is so powerful. Because He’s with us, He’s with them, too,” Sue Takamoto says.

Sue began Nozomi Project after the 2011 Triple Disaster. Nozomi means ‘hope’ in Japanese.

“There was broken pottery everywhere in the wake of this tsunami, and God gave us a vision for starting a business for women using that broken pottery. We’re making beautiful accessories and jewelry pieces,” she says.

Check out Nozomi Project here. Pray for wisdom for believers helping 2011 survivors work through traumatic memories. Pray these conversations lead people to faith in Christ.

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