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Japan (MNN) — Japan remains a challenging spiritual battleground, but Gospel workers say the Lord IS moving in the island nation.

“A lot of fear permeates the culture here: fear of natural disasters, fear of war, fear of the virus,” Eric Takamoto with Asian Access says.

“Amid this turmoil, people are searching; we even see the younger generation reaching out and trying to find answers.”

God is also moving the hearts of Japanese women. Eric’s wife Sue began Nozomi Project, a faith-based social enterprise, after Japan’s triple disaster in 2011. One woman began working at Nozomi, turning broken pottery into pieces of jewelry.

She heard about Christ and His redemption time and time again. But the Gospel didn’t take root until more than a decade later.

nozomi project merchLast year, the woman had to quit her job at Nozomi when diagnosed with breast cancer. “She ended up with a lot of depression and mental illness and has been in and out of hospitals,” Sue Takamoto says.

“One of our teammates and Eric and I had the privilege of baptizing her in her bed the day before she went into the hospital for three months. We couldn’t see her at all because of COVID. We could [only] text her and send her Bible verses and things,” Sue continues.

Finally, when she was discharged from the hospital, “she came out of there [a] changed woman, she has hope. God has done this healing.”

The story doesn’t end there. “She has a testimony of reaching out to the nursing staff in the hospital and the patients sharing her room and giving them hope with prayer,” Eric adds.

Pray the Lord will continue breaking spiritual strongholds in Japan. Pray more Japanese women will discover how only Christ can heal their brokenness and give them hope.

“In Japan, there’s a mentality of [toughness] – ‘I’m okay; I’m going to grit my teeth and get through this [ordeal].’ People have been doing this for 11 years, but the memories don’t just heal themselves,” Sue says.

“Pray God would do special work; that people will be open to God and the Holy Spirit to bring healing.”


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