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Japan (MNN) — Southern Japan breathes a sigh of relief as the search for survivors continues in Taiwan.

Japan (MNN) — The search for survivors continues today in Taiwan. The strongest earthquake in 25 years hit Taiwan yesterday during the morning rush hour, triggering tsunami warnings as far away as southern Japan.

“We didn’t feel strong shake; however, we receive warnings through our smartphones, and then almost [immediately] the community loudspeaker announces the recorded tsunami warning to move to a higher place,” A3’s Takeshi Takazawa says.

“After the warning, the tsunami started to hit some of the smaller islands closer to Taiwan.”

Thankfully, no deaths were recorded in Japan’s Okinawa Prefecture as communities heeded the evacuation orders.

A “tsunami warning is not like crying wolf. It’s a serious business,” Takazawa says.

“The big earthquake in 1995 in the Kobe area shook up Japanese people. Then, in 2011, we experienced a triple disaster with tsunami, and many people lost their lives.”

Wednesday’s earthquake affected communities in several regions in Taiwan. Pray that Christian leaders can deliver help and hope in the name of Jesus.

“Jesus is in control of everything, even this quake or tsunami. In the midst of that, God’s care, love, and protection are there,” Takazawa says.

“God is way more powerful than this.”

As believers meet needs, pray they will have opportunities to tell people about the Lord’s soon coming.

“Jesus left words for us about ‘the beginning of the end,” Takazawa says. “These things (natural disasters) will happen more and more, but that’s not the end.

“Something way bigger, way more drastic will happen in the future, and we must be prepared. Our hearts, spirit, life, and community need to be prepared for more.”


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