Strong Yen, bad economy, high health costs challenge missionaries

Missionaries in Japan face mounting financial pressures as the value of the Yen continues to climb.Japan (MNN) ― Asian Access is dubbing Japan the "Land of the rising Yen," as the Yen fast approaches its strongest level in 15 years.

Earlier this month, the exchange rate was ¥85.33 to US $1.

This, coupled with a poor economy and sky-rocketing health care costs, is presenting a huge financial challenge for missionaries. As they look to raise support, they are finding their funds are not going nearly as far as they used to, and they struggle to raise enough to cover their costs.

Since their arrival in Tokyo just three years ago, Asian Access missionaries Jeff and Nozomi Johnston have seen their funds reduced by 25%, meaning one dollar in 2007 is only worth 75 cents today.

After 43 years of ministry in Japan, Asian Access is not backing down, despite the economic challenges. Instead, they are taking several steps to improve their ministry efficiency. First, they continue to look for creative ways to improve their stewardship.

Next, they are looking to partner with other ministries in Japan to pool expenses and achieve more with less money, overall making a greater impact for God's kingdom.

Additionally, A2 needs your help with prayer and financial support. Pray for Asian Access and the other ministries in Japan during this difficult time. Pray that they will follow Christ's leading as they partner with other organizations in the fulfilling of the Great Commission.

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