Hope remains in disaster zonesJapan (MNN) — It’s been three years since a devastating tsunami and corresponding nuclear crisis hit northern Japan. Survivors are still struggling today, but Takeshi Takazawa of Asian Access (A2) says hope remains.

“We have seen many, many people becoming Christians. They have seen the t...

Olympic Vision 2020 underway in TokyoJapan (MNN) — The strains of the closing anthems have barely faded away in the Fischt Olympic Stadium (Sochi, Russia), and things are already getting busy in Tokyo, Japan.

Why? Tokyo plays host to the 32nd Olympiad in just six years.

They’re not the only ones with their sights set on 2020. Several y...


Japan (MNN) ― A 7.3-magnitude earthquake shook Japan early Saturday, the U.S. Geological Survey reported. Asian Access president Joe Handley says, "The earthquake hit: it was a strong shake. Everyone felt it all the way down to Tokyo. But the impact was negligible for the most part."

The quake was...

joe-handley-bw MNN's Ruth Kramer interviews Asian Access' president Joe Handley about the 7.3 quake in Japan this past weekend.

Size: 5.82 Mb
Duration: 6:21
Date: 28-Oct-2013 (recorded); 29-Oct-2013 (published)...

Japan (MNN) ― When Typhoon Wipha took aim at Japan's Fukushima region, people worried. No one has forgotten that the area suffered severe damage in the 2011 quake/tsunami/nuclear disaster. Meteorologists branded the monster storm as a "once in a decade event."

Today, there's a collective sigh of...

Fukushima bears a unique legacyJapan (MNN) ― Bad news keeps washing back on Japan's shorelines. The Tokyo Electric Power Company says roughly 300 tons of highly radioactive water has leaked from a storage tank at Fukushima.

The nuclear power station was the focus of the third part of Japan's nightmare in 2011, which


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