Pastors tired in Japan, hundreds of missionaries neededHundreds of missionaries needed for Japan, along with community centers

JAPAN (MNN)More problems plagued Japan's damaged nuclear power plant over the weekend. According to reports, 45 tons of highly-radioactive water leaked from the Fukushima power station into a gutter that leads to the...

Asian Access makes significant partnership just in time for responsive hearts in Japan

A2/SIM Partnership announcedJAPAN (MNN) ― The 1st century church shared everything to accomplish Kingdom growth. Why shouldn't 21st century ministries do the same?

A strategic partnership uniting Asian Access and SIM USA was recently formed with the aim...

Typhoon Roke took a swipe at the disaster zone in Japan

washed out road (photo courtesy Jeff Johnston)  

JAPAN (MNN) ― It also brought evacuations, flooding and more worry to the country struggling to recuperate from the tsunami, quake and nuclear disaster in March. Although a fierce storm, it weakened on approach to Fukushima as a Category 1...

Though their history reads like a mystery, the church in Asia writes a happier chapter

Secrecy, spies and suspicion: part of the history of the church in AsiaASIA (MNN) - Secrecy, spies and suspicion: they are all elements found in a novel or movie of intrigue. You'd expect  to see such a storyline unfolding in connection with a mystery, but not the church.

However, Joe Handley...

Asian Access reports churches are growing in aftermath of tsunami

Church growing in Japan, relief continues

JAPAN (MNN) ― It's been nearly three months since Japan was torn apart by an earthquake and tsunami. The billions of dollars in damage sent the country into a deeper recession as many jobs were lost, businesses were left crippled, and in some...

Relief work slow, but significant

Tsunami victims still in great need physically, spiritually

JAPAN (MNN) ―Two months after the tsunami and earthquake that devastated Japan, relief work is ongoing.

An Asian Access (A2) missionary says some areas have seen significant developments, including the restoration of electricity and shorter lines at the gas station.

But other...


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