SIM is a century old catalyst for global mission with more than 4,000 workers serving across six continents. Dedicated to prayer and care, we bring good news to hard places because there are people living and dying without the gospel.

Asian Access

Asian Access began in Japan by coming alongside visionary pastors and leaders to partner in new ways to grow the church. Now with a network across Japan and a strong history of partnership, together we work toward a movement of Christ-like leaders and disciple-making churches.


SIM and Asian Access have embarked on a new award-winning strategic partnership. Recognized for its innovation, this partnership is truly a new way of doing mission together, each bringing their own strengths and committing to a common kingdom vision. All A2 workers serving in Japan come through an SIM sending office and are members of both organizations.

Together, SIM and Asian Access send workers to Japan to partner with local churches in holistic outreach to make disciples and develop leaders and churches, catalyzing innovation for reaching Japan for Christ. Each worker benefits from the strength of their SIM sending office and the strategic work of Asian Access in Japan.

Catch Vision...

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Vision Trip
— Up to 1 month —

Join an EnVision Experience to see what your future missionary service might look like.

Serve & Grow...


Ministry Internship
— Up to 3 months —

Start your journey in ministry. Get hands-on experience through this cross-cultural internship.

Bring a Team...

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Short-Term Team
— 2-3 weeks —

Form a j-Team to help a local Japanese congregation to make bridges into its community.

Partner Together...

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Serving a Japanese Church
— 2+ years —

Minister alongside a Japanese pastor, be mentored, and serve a congregation to help it grow.

Designed for Japanese People to Learn English & Bible 
Dee Wirz

These introductory Bible studies are for use with Japanese who want to improve their English while evidencing a genuine interest in learning about Christianity. It's best when an English-speaker can personally lead a Japanese-speaker through these texts.



Effective Tools for Nearly Over Decades

Written by veteran missionary, Dolores "Dee" Wirz, these Bible studies have been tested and marketed in Japan and the U.S. since 1986.

People Who Met Jesus

People Who Met Jesus

A look at Jesus through his encounters with various people. Focuses on the theme that meeting Jesus changes peoples’ lives. Best book for beginning students.

>> Download free copy 



Who Is God?

Who Is God?

Based on the first three chapters of Genesis and the first chapter of John. God is introduced as Creator, Provider, Lord, Communicator, Judge and Savior.

>> Download free copy



Introducing Jesus

Introducing Jesus

Introduces Jesus based on what he said about himself and what he did. 

>> Download free copy



Highlights in the Life of Jesus

Highlights in the Life of Jesus

Presenting important events on the life of Jesus from his birth through his resurrection and ascension. Shows that Jesus is not only human, but also divine, the Son of God who came to give eternal life.

>> Download free copy



The Parables of Jesus: Kingdom Lifestyle & Values

Parables of Jesus: Kingdom Lifestyle and Values

Through studying the parables of Jesus, the lifestyle and values of God's kingdom are brought into focus.

>> Download free copy



Story of Ruth: Facing Life's Issues

Story of Ruth: Facing Life's Issues

Provides a vivid picture of God's sovereignty and providence, as God works out His plan in His time and way.

>> Download free copy



Encounter with the Living God

Encounter with the Living God

A study of Paul's encounter with the living God and how it changed his life and lives of others.

>> Download free copy



Real Prayers

Real Prayers

The prayers of seven well-known Old Testament characters as well as two of the prayers of Jesus and one of Paul.

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Texts for Holiday Occasions

 Announcing Christmas

Announcing Christmas

(seasonal text)

Portrays the impact of the coming of Jesus as the announcement comes to Mary to Joseph to the shepherds and to the wise men.

>> Download free copy



A Great Light: The Christmas Story

A Great Light

(The Narrative of the Christmas Story)

Christmas is the time to remember in a special way the coming of light into the world according to God's great plan for saving man. The record of this dramatic historical event is told in the Scripture. Not only has the coming of the Savior, who is the great light, inspired the world's greatest art, music and literature, but more importantly, it has transformed the lives of people who have personally accepted God's plan for their lives.

This book is designed to make the Christmas story real by a first hand study of the record in the Bible and by participation in a narrative drama--telling the story of the birth of Jesus and playing the significant roles. Various Christmas cards and songs are suggested as an added dimension to celebrating God's wonderful plan of sending his son to be our savior.

Three Bible lessons are featured, covering the main events of the Christmas story. These lessons can be completed in from three to six sessions depending on the time available. Since Parts A and B of each of the lessons are completely bilingual, the study can be done either in Japanese or in English or in both. Parts A and B can be done in one session or in two adjusting to the schedule of Christmas activities panned. Part C of each lesson is designed for Japanese students in English Bible classes who want to improve their English communication skills.

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Celebrating Christmas

Christmas: Highlighting the True Meaning of the Season's Symbols

There are many symbols widely used during the Christmas season. However, their true meaning is often lost because of an emphasis on outward things. Knowing that the customs, crafts, decorations, and beautiful atmosphere surrounding us have a deeper significance helps us to celebrate the Christmas season with a perspective God intended through the advent of the Savior. The coming of Jesus and the significance of this great event can be found in many of the symbols.

In the first section of this booklet the most frequently used Christmas symbols are identified and their meaning explained. The main themes of Christmas are often expressed with these symbols in Christmas cards sent and received. If you carefully select the cards you send, you can give an accurate perspective on the true meaning of Christmas.

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Holiday Bible Lessons


Holiday Bible Lessons: Celebrating Selected American Holidays Around the Year

This particular study is an effective one for helping Japanese learn about American culture through exploring the meaning behind some key American holidays. There is a study for each month of the year, plus bonus material for a few of them.

The book covers these holidays:

  • January - New Years Day
  • February - Valentines Day
  • March/April - Good Friday & Easter
  • May - Mothers Day
  • June - Wedding Celebrations
  • July - Independence Day
  • August - Vacation Days
  • September - Labor Day
  • October - Halloween
  • November - Thanksgiving
  • December - Christmas

Supplementary Material

  • Friendship Mixer
  • St. Patrick's Day Mixer
  • Thandsgiving Message
  • Thandsgiving Day Activity
  • Christmas Bingo
  • Candy Cane Story

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More Information

Prayercast: Prayer for Japan

Video used by permission from Prayercast [https://prayercast.com/] a service of OneWay Ministries

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