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  • The Koreas: dream of the March 1 Movement lives on

    north korea military and flagNorth Korea (MNN) – All eyes are on the peninsula dividing the Koreas over the next couple of days. Will North and South Korea be able to move past the Cold War framework toward peace? Is American President Donald Trump’s leadership style just bold and brash enough to convince North Korea’s Kim Jong Un that peace and reunification is in everyone’s best interest? These are the questions that await an answer as the two-day Summit gets underway. {addthis off}

  • 2019: What ‘exciting’ really means.

    International (A2/MNN) – Asian Access (A2) is a ministry that is usually ahead of the ‘trend’ curves in the world of missions. A few years back, they announced big goals as part of their Vision2020: a.) Equipping Leaders in 20 Countries across Asia, b.) 100 Church Multiplication Teams/Networks – Japan, c.) 1000 Reproducing Churches in Japan. A2 president Joe Handley says 2018 was a...{addthis off}

  • As Japan's recovery stagnates, Gospel growth booms

    Japan disaster relief efforts falter, but there are good spiritual signs

    image Japan (MNN) — Broken remnants and barricades remain six years after Japan’s deadly ‘triple disaster’.

    “There are still tens of thousands of people in temporary housing…. That place (near the Fukushima nuclear facility) was so devastated that the local people cannot...

  • The Legacy of the Pals Family

    Pals family felt called to Japan before tragic accident; why?

    Photo Courtesy World Venture

    Japan (MNN) — “How soon will some few years pass away, and then when the day is ended, and this life’s lease expired, what have men of the world’s glory, but dreams and thoughts? O happy soul forevermore, who can rightly compare this life with that long-lasting life to come, and can balance the weighty glory of the one with the light golden vanity of the other.” – Samuel Rutherford... There are few things that unite a body of believers like the loss of a loved one. For the evangelical community in Japan, that came with the recent tragic deaths of Kathyrine and Jamison Pals and their three children. The family of five was killed in a highway accident in Colorado, mere dollars and weeks away from their move to Japan...

  • A Marathon Earthquake in Japan

    image courtesy BBCTwo major earthquakes and more than 500 aftershocks have rocked

    Japan (MNN) — Over 500 aftershocks have followed two major earthquakes near the Japanese city Kumamoto since last Thursday.

    “The continuous earthquake is making the situation worse and…rescue work has been...

  • Asian Access envisions new chapter for Japan

    imageJapan (MNN) — It’s not easy reaching the Japanese for Christ. According to Asian Access, Japan has some of the toughest spiritual ground around.

    But, that was before the triple disaster of 2011. Now, hearts have been softened.

    Many Japanese are ready to hear the Good News of Jesus. In order to reach them, Asian Access is investing over...

  • Leadership: an underlying need in today’s chaos

    image International (MNN) — War is a constant in today’s global headlines: ISIS war comes to Jakarta; starvation an active war crime in Syria; prisoner of war protections don’t apply in Iran.

    Joe Handley of Asian Access says there’s a common thread: “In the midst of that situation, everyone is looking for leadership.”


  • Asian believers cast vision for massive outreach

    imageAsia (MNN) — Believers in East Asia are planning something big. More than 900 pastors and church leaders from their country recently gathered to discuss the largest missionary-sending initiative in the nation’s history.

    Over the next 15 years, this restricted-access country hopes to send 20,000...

  • The church in Japan serves Nepal after earthquakes

    A disaster relief work team from Japan helps churches rebuild.

    image Nepal (MNN) — In the past few years, God has been growing the church in Japan. Now, the church of Japan is in action and caring for its neighbor, Nepal.

    Toward the end of September, Asian Access made it possible for a group of Japanese Christians to go to Nepal and serve. However,...

  • Historic flooding hits Eastern Japan in the wake of Tropical Storm 18

    imageJapan (MNN) — The aftermath of unexpected flooding in eastern Japan is revealing shock and trauma.

    A one-two punch by Typhoon Goni and Tropical Storm 18 (Etau) forced the evacuation of more than 100,000 people and left large parts of one town submerged. Asian Access missional partner Sterling Miller explains, “It’s been a...

  • 70 years after WWII; further generations shouldn’t be predestined to apologize

    image Japan (MNN) — Japanese Prime Minister Shinzu Abe brought dissatisfaction and caused a stir in several Asian countries with his 70-year commemoration World War II speech.

    But Asian Access is working to bring peace and unity throughout the Asian and global church.

    During his speech, Abe expressed grief and reaffirmed past apologies from...

  • The Japanese Church: change is the key

    Photo courtesy By そらみみ (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (<a href=Japan (MNN) -- If you keep up with worldwide Church trends, check this out. In Japan, few people are stepping into Church leadership roles. Churches have begun considering other possibilities. Gary Bauman of Asian Access explains: "We need new leaders coming in from outside because there is very definitely a Christian subculture in Japan. In many...

  • Japan: how cool is that?

    Japan: how cool is that?Japan (MNN) -- Ever heard the term 'Cool Japan'? Asian Access' Takeshi Takazawa explains this cultural phenomenon. "'Cool Japan' is the pop culture of Japan beginning to influence other cultures."  What would that influence look like if the Gospel was involved?  "I think God designed this age to influence and solve the problems of humanity by sa...

  • Healing continues for Japan

    imageJapan (MNN) — Four years after the worst peacetime disaster to strike Japan, there are still some injuries and scars that are fresh.

    In 2011, a 9.0 magnitude undersea quake struck Japan, triggering a massive tsunami off the Central and Northeast side of the island nation. Within moments, walls of water erased whole towns in the Tohoku region....

  • Triple disaster in Japan remembered

    image Believers pray as 4th anniversary of Japan’s triple disaster is remembered.

    Japan (MNN) — Yesterday marked four years since Japan saw the worst triple disaster in the nation’s history. The country had a moment of silence yesterday, March 11 at 2:46 p.m. (0546 UTC), the exact moment a 9.0-magnitude undersea quake hit the...

  • Typhoon Phanfone compounds disaster in Japan

    Typhoon Phanfone compounds disaster in JapanJapan (MNN) — Barely a week after the volcanic eruption on Mt. Ontake, Japan was hit again early Monday morning, this time with Typhoon Phanfone.

    President of Asian Access Joe Handley asks for prayers for Japan. While Asian Access does not have personnel near Mt. Ontake, they are hopeful that...

  • More on Mt. Ontake

    jeff johnstonJapan (MNN) -- Ruth Kramer of Mission Network News and Jeff Johnston of Asian Access discuss the Mt. Ontake volcanic eruption in Japan.

    Listen to the interview... (6 mins.)

    Size: 5.09 Mb

    More Information:

  • Tragedy on Mount Ontake

    Tragedy on Mount OntakeJapan (MNN) — Mount Ontake’s unexpected volcanic eruption is the deadliest in Japan since 1926.

    The death toll is at 48 after as more victims were discovered on the summit, noted media reports yesterday. According to Japan’s Meteorological Society, Mount Ontake is Japan’s second-highest active volcano; it last had a minor eruption seven years ago.

    Caution is prudent. On Saturday, the eruption of the 10,062-foot peak, 125 miles west of Tokyo, blanketed the peak with a deadly rain of ash and stone. Asian AccessVice President for Advancement Jeff Johnston explains, “The eruption really


  • Collaboration and North American missions

    Collaboration and North American missionsUSA (MNN) — The 2014 Missio Nexus Leadership Conference for North American mission groups has come to an end. However, the new strategies and relationships formed during the four-day event in Atlanta, Georgia are only just beginning. Among the major takeaways from this year’s event: collaboration.


  • Housing nuclear challenges still plaguing Japan

    jpn-temp-housing-2Ruth Kramer of Mission Network News speaking with Joe Handley about Japan’s state after 3 years following the triple disaster. 179,000+ people still remain in some form of temporary housing, even though the government had planned to move them out after two years. Some of these temporary buildings a...


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