Who We Are

2022 Spring Retreat

Who We Are

The go2japan team consists of A3 Missional Partners serving through SIM, on field staff, alumni who have returned to their home countries after serving in Japan, as well as people interested in possibly serving in the future at some point.

This dedicated "A3 Community" is here to serve you. There are wonderfully gifted people available here to talk with you, to answer your questions (and maybe to ask you questions, too), and to pray for you. Take advantage of this resource as you seek God for direction in serving Him.

Essentially, we feel strongly enough about recruiting new workers for the harvest field of Japan that we carve out time in our busy schedules to talk about Japan and what it's like to serve here with SIM and A3. And because we are missionaries, we understand the questions you may have about serving in this country.



A3 (formerly known as "Language Institute For Evangelism" and "LIFE Ministries" and most recently "Asian Access") pioneered English Teaching as an effective form of evangelism in the 1970s and now has over 3,000 alumni who have served as individuals or on teams in over 600 churches across Japan over the last 5+ decades. These alumni have touched over 100,000 Japanese people with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

A3 has trained over 500 pastors and influenced about 1,800 churches in Japan. A3 is now in over 20 countries across Asia and beyond, but is still remains committed the nation of Japan, where this ministry started in 1967.

In 2012, A3 partnered with SIM, combining our common mission to send more mission workers where Christ is least known. This partnership in particular is aimed at sending more church-planting missionaries to Japan. We can now send missionaries from any country where SIM operates!

If you're interested in exploring the possibility of joining this growing A3 community, check out our ministry opportunities...


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    Alumni are starting to join the A3 alumni group on Facebook. If you've served with A3 or LIFE Ministries in any capacity in the past, please join this group.
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